DIY Makeup for Everyday in Life

DIY Makeup for Everyday in Life

Hello dear friends! Today we are going to see about another interesting topic about makeup. Beauty is every girl’s dream. So today let’s see about DIY makeup for everyday life. We all do many things to stay beautiful. All of us like to stay healthy and beautiful in our life. Specially the girls. Boys also like to stay handsome. The issue is we all have to do it with our busy life. Going to saloon everyday is not an easy task. Apart from that they might not deliver what we want. In other hand going saloon is a costly. We all get in trouble when facing a special occasion, wedding or a party. So what about instead of going to saloon we learn something about makeup. So let’s learn how to do diy makeup for everyday in life.

For do a makeup you need the makeup items. Then after that you need to have a some idea about how to use those products. In the very first time you may not do it perfectly. Yet don’t get discourage. As per I know every girl’s who is using a perfect eye line is someone make a hazel previously. Therefore practice how to use them. Later you can have good idea about that. And also read and educate yourself about makeup items and color combinations. Look at the fashion magazines or photographs. When you check them see what kind of lipstick colors they use with color of clothes, colors used in eye lashes etc. Firstly let’s see the makeup items.

Makeup items for DIY makeup set

To do a makeup you need makeup items. You can buy these items for a very small budget. The best thing is you can store these items in a very small space. There is not always expensive makeup products can only give you a finest look. That is not always true. Yes, good products can give you a finest output but it not always true. You can get a glamorous look for mid range items as well. There is not need of spending lot of money to buy mascara or liners. My idea is if you can spend money then spend it and buy a good foundation and a compact powder. Spending money for a foundation and compact powder is not waste. If you can’t spend much money on a foundation then don’t worry buy something you can. The most important point is selecting the foundation and compact powder matched to your skin tone.

Makeup items list

  • Foundation cream/ foundation stick
  • Compact powder
  • Mascara
  • Eye liner
  • Lipstick
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye brow pencil
  • Kajol

How to do a DIY makeup for everyday life

So let’s start and see how to do the DIY makeup. Apart from these items you also required few items. They are daily using items. Therefore don’t get panic. Here are the steps.

Step 01 – Clean the face

The first thing you want to do is clean your face. If you apply make up to a uncleaned face it’s pretty much sure the makeup won’t stick up much. Therefore it is better you clear your face firstly then apply the makeup. So firstly you have to clean the face. For that you can use a soap or face wash.

Step 02 – Apply foundation

The second thing you want to do is applying the foundation. You can use liquid or cream foundation or a stick foundation. Just try several foundations and select what suits you best. Don’t apply too much on your face. You can use a sponge or your fingers to evenly spread the foundation on your face. I prefer the hands. It suits me better than sponge. To apply concealer or foundation I use my fingers. Careful prior to that you have to clean your hands properly.

Step 03 – Apply compact powder

After applying the foundation you can apply the powder. For this you can use a sponge. Don’t apply too much. Apply it gradually.

Step 04 – Give attention to your eyes

Eyes are very catchy or beautiful body part. People fall in love even by looking at eyes. So give nice touch to your eyes. For this you can apply mascara. Mascara apply to eyelashes. You can apply it on the other side of eyelashes. Then eyeliner. Eyeliner can draw on the edge of eyeline above the eyelashes. You can use a kajol to draw nice black line in the lower edge of eye. Kajol is not necessary but for Indian style saree or lehenga you can wear them.

You can use eyeshadows too to give a nice shade for eyes. You can mix two colors or more than two colors for shading. Finally you can draw eyebrows with eye brow pencil. Prior to this you can use a threader or tweezer to shape your eyebrows. Apart from this now a days we have eyebrow threads as well.

Step 05 – Last but not least, the lips

You can apply nice color to lips. There are thousands of colors of lipsticks available in the market. Buy a lipstick with your favorite colors and apply them. There are many more things you can do to lip makeup. You can use lip liners and glosses too.


I hope now you have a better idea on how to do a DIY makeup for everyday in life. DIY projects are everyone’s favorite. Why you spend money when you have the opportunity to do it by yourself. Now you know about DIY Makeup for Everyday in Life. If you need a professional level makeup then it’s better to get professional consultant. Apart from that for day to day life small functions we can do it by ourselves. Any how what I believe is as a girl or a boy you should have a some sort of idea about makeup and fashions. How to stay beautiful. Otherwise we can’t get professional help every time. Therefore it’s better to have some knowledge about them too.

If you like this post please share and comment. Keep reading us. If you want to know about many makeup items. Please visit our Five makeup items for daily usage post. Then great day for everyone. Goodbye!

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