Five makeup items for daily usage

Five makeup items for daily usage

Hello my dear friends! Today I am going to bring a favorite and an interesting details to you.
Today let’s look at what are the five makeup items for daily usage. Makeup is a secret of every girl. Makeup brings a confidence, brightness and beauty to the face and soul. It helps us to present ourselves in a good manner. From the ancient times kings, queens and others used makeup. Not only in one specific region all around the world we can see the history of makeup.

Ladies are very busy people. It is not easy to been a beautiful lady and a professional lady at the same time. But having a small care about your beauty can present you well. With our busy ladies tight schedules you may not have that much time to spend time on beauty. Yet you can do a small makeup. So let’s look at five simple makeup items which can give you a finest look to kick start your day. You can keep these five small items in your hand bag or in your makeup pouch for daily use. So you can easily retouch the makeup. These are very small items which can store in small space. Let’s look at five makeup items for daily usage.

Compact Powder

Compact powder -
Compact powder – five makeup items for daily usage

There are more range of powders in the market. Compact powders are a very famous out of that. You can apply a compact powder after applying any kind of a foundation. Yet you can use a powder on the bair skin directly without applying any foundation too. It is mandatory to select the correct powder for your skin. Compact powder comes in a color range. Selcting the most matching compact powder to your skin can increase the quality of your makeup. In the shops there are powder testers you can use them and apply it to your skin and select the most suitable powder for you.

Usually compact powders comes with the puff. The quality of your puff is also a something
that can affect the quality of your makeup. If your sponge is too sponge and not applying powder well or when applying your face is itching then your makeup can affect. There are many brands making the compact powders. L’Oréal, Viana, Revlon are some brands of compact powders.
Compact powders price is vary from 5$ to $10.


Lipstick -
Lipstick – five makeup items for daily usage

The lipsticks apply to the lips. To gain more attraction and beauty to the lips we can use lip liners as well. Lipsticks comes in lots of color range. Some of lipsticks come with gold dust. We can see several types of lipsticks in the market in now a days. There are stick lipstick and liquid lipsticks. You can use any kind of product according your favorability. Both products add a glamorous look to your lips. What I learn from my experience is some of stick lipstick fade away after applying because we eat and drink food and beverages. Liquid lipstick is not like that. it is not fading away after applying even though we during or eat foods.

There are lot’s of brands manufacture lipsticks. Yet I have to say liquid lipsticks are always matt lipsticks. Stick lipsticks have shiny colors. You can find this product in the market within the price range of $4 to $10 dollars. This is also can store in a small area and easy to carry. Always remember just applying small touch of powder and lipstick can always add a glamorous look to your face.

Eye Liners

Eyeliner - five makeup for daily usage
Eyeliners – five makeup items for daily usage

Eyes are the most adorable body feature of all of us. Even though we wear glasses one’s eyes add a confidence and shiny look to a person. Eye liners can add a shiny and attention to your face. Apart from eye liners we can use many products for the eyes. Eye liners apply above the eyelashes. If you are using artificial eye lashers then you can stick them first and then use eye liners. There are also several types of eye liners. Some are liquid and some are pencil with liquid. Eye liners are also easy to store and come in smaller price range.


Mascara - five makeup items for daily usage
Mascara – five makeup items for daily usage

This is also an another product to use your eyes. They come as a liquid bottle. It ranges from different prices. We apply mascara to the eye lashes. It highlighted your eye lashes beautifully. They are also affordable and can store in your little purse. There is no any secrets behind choosing a right mascara or eye liner for you. It is based on your practice and how you like to use them.

Eye brow pencil

Eyebrow pencil - five makeup items for daily usage
Eyebrow pencil – five makeup items for daily usage

Most of girls make their eye brows. It adds a perfect look to your faces. You can use many methods to get your eye brows shape. There are different colors of eye brow pencils available in the market. Someone can think what is the usage or advantage of using an eye brow pencil. The answer is it can highlight your eye brows. After using a heavy make up color of eye brows changes. Some of girls eyebrows are not darker enough. Using a eyebrow can add a light up to the face.


Now we are going to conclude about talking five makeup items for daily usage. This small makeup items can give you a glamorous look. Just try it by yourself. You can store them in a very small space like your tiny purse or handbag. You can go to the office washroom and apply these items. Even from your home you can apply them. To do this makeup it won’t take that much time. This is a very much affordable makeup kit. You can complete this make up kit nearly spending $25 to $30. If you like this post please like and comment. If you like to read more about makeup please visit makeup our makeup page. Thank you!

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