Hospital Management System
Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Hello dear friends. Today I am going to tell you details about a hospital management system. Hospital is a place which give unmeasurable service to the public. There are so many tasks happening inside a hospitals. Therefore hospital needs the assist of management system for their operations. Now a day’s most of hospitals have a hospital management system. Hospital management system is a good project idea for implement. From this post we are going to discuss the scope and objectives of a hospital management system. Hospital management system has a considerable scope therefore when selecting your scope for the project please select wisely.

Scope for hospital management system

User management

As usual this module gives the ability to manage the users in the system. The manage users will include these functionalities. Add users to the system, view existing users in the system, update existing user details and remove a user. For user management its better before you implementing it select the user roles. I always tell you when removing users from the system don’t delete data from the database. Instead maintain a status like 1 and 0. Then for inactive users change the status. Password reset functionality is also a function you can implement here.

Employee management

Hospital has different works for different professional roles. Therefore allocate them to work and for a successful communication it’s mandatory to know the employees inside the hospital. Because of that we need a module to insert employee details to the system and manage them properly. In the employee management also you can implement basic CRUD operations. Add employee, update employee, view employee, remove employee are those operation you can implement.

Ward management

Every hospital has few wards. Some wards has so many wards. Usually for different areas hospital’s has wards. Hospitals group their patients then it will easy to treat them. In a ward you can find same type of patients. When admitting a patient you can select the ward for that patient. For that you have to insert ward details to the system. Here you can add wards to the system. In that you can enter details like ward name, number of beds, ward number, doctor name, nurses and support staff. In the view wards you can show ward names, patient counts, available capacity, doctor’s name and ward number. Edit details you can built to edit those data. Remove ward also you can implement to remove ward data.

Patient handling

In patient handling you can build this module to help to managing patients. Once a patient comes to the hospital you can register patient with his or her details. You can do this in the registration then direct patient to the relevant clinic. You have to insert data to the system, patient’s who don’t registered in the system. For registering a patient you can accept personal details. After registering you can assign the patient to a clinic with a number. For giving number you can use a printer and give small slip to the patient. Other CRUD operations also you can implement here to edit patient details.

Clinic management

To assign patient to a clinic you should have clinic in the system. Therefore you can enter those details to the system by implementing this function. You can create add clinic function to insert a clinic. Here you can accept inputs like clinic number, clinic name, doctor name, location, clinic date, senior nurse name and if there is limit capacity you can enter capacity. You can implement edit clinic to edit clinic data and view and remove functions for viewing clinic details and to remove a clinic from the system. Apart from these you can implement view patient function to view patient allocate for a clinic. Then doctors can click view patience details and add patient history and medicine for them.

Medicine handling

Every hospital have medicines. You can use this module to issue medicine to the patients. Here adding medicines and update their details will be done. Maintaining the medicine stock will also be maintain from this module. Therefore you have to implement add stock functionality also. View issue medicine you can see the patient’s medicine details which were added by doctors. Pharmacist can issue medicine and mark as issued.

Resource handling

If you like you can divide this module to two separate. Hospital needs several resources to works. As examples gloves, needles, injections, plasters, cotton, masks these things required to function a hospital. Therefore you can implement this module to enter those resource details and add stocks for them. Reorder the stocks.

Theater management

You can add theater details and maintain them by this module. Through view appointments doctors can see the coming operations for them. The staff can book theaters for the operations also through this without having conflicts. Then everyone will aware about the availability.

There is a huge scope in the hospital domain. Yu can implement so many features. There is a difficulty in the hospital to communicate and collaboration work. The staff has to do over and over most of stuff because they don’t aware about everyone’s schedules. Therefore to prevent these type of issues to manage the environment nicely you can implement many features.

Full cycle explanation of the modules

  • Firstly patients will register in the patient handling. After registering or registered patients can put in to a clinic.
  • Doctors can log into the system and through clinic handling they can see patients allocated for the clinic.
  • Doctors can view patient details and add history and the medicines.
  • After doctors added medicines in the medicine management under issue medicine new record will added.
  • Then patients can go to the counter and collect medicines. At the same time pharmacist can mark as medicines were issued.
  • As another alternative after patient registered he or she can assign to a ward. At that time ward occupancy has to update.
  • In the ward management doctors and nurses can see patients in that wards. As same in the clinic doctors can examine patient and assign medicine and enter history.
  • Once patient discharge nurses can add a discharge note and remove patience from the ward. The ticket also can print and give to the patient.


  • Save time and easiness and flexibility for the patients.
  • Usually in hospitals patients has be in longer lines to collect medicine. It will reduced through the system. Patients can collect medicine directly from the counter.
  • Increase the efficiency of the process
  • Patience don’t want to wait in longer queue to do the admin works or finding patient files.
  • Loss of data and duplication can be minimize.
  • Easy to the inquiring
  • Online can place appointments for the clinics because of that patient can save time.
  • Since stock is manage through system when stock reach reorder level can order new medicine and equipment. Therefore medicines and servicers can provide without having any delay.
  • Nurses and support staff is aware about doctor’s theater schedules and clinic schedules. Therefore operations and ward rounds can plan effectively.
  • Bottle neck for the theaters can minimize because theater booking can manage effectively.

Use case diagram for Hospital Management System

Use case diagram for Hospital management system
Use case diagram for Hospital management system


I have brought you many information. Therefore I am going to end this post. If  you are interested to learn about more PHP project ideas please check the post. We will meet with another interesting post. Till then goodbye all.

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