Information system security

Hello, Friends let’s learn about information system security. The modern world is full of information systems. Everywhere we can see many many information systems. If we go to the school, hospital and public transport we can see information systems. By all those information systems many data and information collect and process daily. Those data and information need to be protected. Security plays a vital role in the modern world. People prefer their privacy a lot. Therefore when we create an information system we have to ensure its security. From these articles one by one we are going to learn how security ensuring methods in the information systems. What are the techniques we use in the information technology world to ensure security? How are those technologies ensure security?

Before learning about system security we have to learn about the threats to the information systems. There is a famous quote that says “know your enemy”. So before learning security let’s also learn what are the threats? Then we can provide suitable protection mechanisms for our systems. I hope now you have a brief understanding of what we are going to discuss in these articles. I hope you will get a better understanding of this area. It will help you a lot with your work. Let’s look at the contents.

Information system topics

  1. Introduction to cryptography concepts
  2. Types of Ciphers for encryption
  3. Symmetric Key Encryption