Movie Theater Management System
Movie Theater Management System

Movie Theater Management System

What’s up my dear friends? Hope everyone doing well. Today I have brought you details about another PHP project idea. That is about movie management system. In every cities we have movie theaters. We usually go to movie theaters to watch movies. Yet it’s important movie theaters to manage activities in the business. Movie theater management systems simply manage the activities happen inside a movie theater. If you need to know more PHP project ideas please check this post. PHP project ideas. Let’s see the details about movie theater management system.

Scope of movie theater management system

User management system

Managing users in a system is a very important activity. You can develop add user, edit user, remove user functions under this. Actually login and logout and password reset function also comes under this. By using add user function users can add new users for the system. As usual for this function you have to decide your user roles. Edit users can edit the details of current users. It’s better you have a dropdown there. You can select existing user from that. Then below text boxes show entered data then you can change and save it again.

In view user functionality you can view existing users in the system. You can use a table to show these details. There is a good library for that. That is data tables. You can show whether users are active or not in the table. If you can use font awesome icon for that it would be nicer. Here also you can show password reset option. When resetting password you can send password link with email. This would ensure the security. Removing a user you can done by changing a status in database. Because I told this multiple times that we are not removing data from a database. Instated we use a status to manage them.

Employee management

In the employee management you can manage the employees of the company. This module will help to define users for the system. When creating a user you can select entered employee. Because most of the time internal users for the system will be company employees. Here also you can implement functions like add employee, edit employee, remove employee and view employee.

Apart from this in some theaters people works for roster. In that case allocate employees for the theater works also a function which you can implement. Because in movie theaters usually simultaneously shows are showing. Therefore it’s essential manage their staff correctly. Allocate employees for the counters, guidance, distribute 3D glasses, sweep and clean the halls and manage canteen has to be done in a theater. You can implement this function for helping those tasks.


Here you can implement various services provided by a theater. Usually they are view movie show times, show dates, check available seats, book a tickets. Cancel or refund for tickets are rarely we find in this business domain. You can implement these things in the website. Since customers interact with these functionalities.  Sometimes in movie theaters give this kind of feature for their customers. That is customers can book the seats for the movie. Yet they are not paying. They will pay it at the show date. So viewing booking for the shows is also another functionality.

Manage movies

For ticket booking to users there needs to be shows visible in the website. For that someone has to edit the contents showing in the website. In this module you can add movies with show time and dates, edit movie details, add trailers, add upcoming shows, and remove movies. These functionalities you can implement.

Online payment

Paying online is a popular feature we can find within an online system. You can add a payment gateway or payment gateway simulation for this.


For a movie theater management system you can build these kind of reports. Daily income, sold tickets, cancel tickets details.

Objectives of movie theater management system

  • It will increase user experience. Users can check availability of seats before they come to the theater. Since they can book tickets online it will reduce longer line and waiting time for the movie watchers. This will increase the ease customers’ tasks and customers find comfortable. Therefore it will help to increase business sales.
  • Easy to manage employees in the theaters for the work allocation.
  • Since online ticket booking available the rush ticket counters get will reduce.
  • It will make the theater mostly less crowded or crowd less environment.
  • Since users can see tickets sold out from the website it will not waste customer time.

User types for movie theater management system

  • Super user or Admin user – These are the users who have the highest power to the system.  They can access all the modules. They can add movie schedules and edit and delete movie schedule. Allocate employees, add users to the system can perform by these type of users.
  • Manager – These users has less power compared to admin users. Overall they also can access some modules of the system. Adding employees, viewing reports or allocate employees can perform by these users.
  • Minor staff – They have less access to modules in the system. Viewing their theater cleaning allocation can perform by them. You can implement this also as a functionality for the system.
  • Ticket agents – They can handle the ticket booking functionalities in the system. They have more access to the modules than minor staff.
  • Cashier – These types of users can access to the payment functionalities in the system and also printing bills.

Use case diagram for Movie theater management system

Use case diagram for theater management system
Use case diagram for theater management system


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