Online ticket booking system
Online ticket booking system

Online ticket booking system

Hello friends! As you know I have wrote a post about library management system. So today I thought to add another post like that. Today I am going to give you information about an online ticket booking system. Another PHP project idea explanation.  If you want to know more PHP project ideas please visit this. PHP project ideas. So let’s see the content.

What is an online ticket booking system

We all went to watch music shows, concerts, matches. For those events we have to buy tickets. Usually in earlier tickets were issued at the entrance or earlier from a counter. For that we have to visit a place and buy tickets. From online ticket system also the same thing is happening. The only difference is it uses the internet. We purchase tickets through online.

Now we are going to see the details of this kind of a system. The scope I added some things and I am bringing my own version. The actual scenario of a ticket system works can be slightly different from this. Anyway the system execution of functionalities different from system to system. Let’s see what are the scope firstly.

Scope a online ticket system

User management

Every system has set of users. Users are the people who uses this system. It is mandatory manage users in a system. Because according to the user the functions shows in the system can be different. User management allows us to create users for the system. Edit user details, view user details. As I said earlier don’t delete data inside the database. Some has idea when delete operation perform in the system actually data should be delete from the database. We actually don’t delete things inside a database. Therefore we maintain a Boolean status. When showing data in the tables we can show only active or status true once. Apart from this you can create password reset option. When creating accounts you can create it with a default password. When user’s first login attempt you can push them into reset password. This is also a function you can implement under user management.

Customer management

A web system like online ticket system get considerable traffics for a day. More visitors. Therefore to give good customer experience to them and make it reliable and secure we let users to create a customer accounts. Then the business can handle customers easily. This will make processing, inquiring easier. For this module we can implement add customers function. Actually this will performed by the users. They will create their accounts. Update account details also done by them. Remove or view users are the functionalities perform by the business. Now you can understand in the same module different functionalities shows to different users. Actually here we create one page and according to the user role we show the functionalities. You can implement that easily by using a database table with storing those details. The customers can not only be people who buy tickets. The ticket system works as a middle person. They accepts events from someone else and sell tickets some others. Therefore people who add events also we can take as customers.

The systems like this customers perform large functionalities. Therefore you can create a separate dashboard for that also. In that view events, view packages, add events, view number of available tickets, add extra ticket, view ticket id, cancel ticket, claim refund also you can implement.

Event management

This module is for business. To sell the tickets for the events firstly tickets need to enter to the system. So from this module we can add those details to the system. Add events with ticket prices, ticket count we can implement. Update those details, remove tickets also can perform. If we allow event organizer to enter data then we can implement approve events function.


In the payment module we can handle the payments. Ticket booking system is also a system which accepts online payments largely. Therefore we can integrate either payment gateway or payment gateway simulation.


Reports play special part in a system. They help for the decision making. In a ticket system daily sold tickets, daily income, sold out tickets, cancel tickets details these things we can bring into a report.

Objectives of an online ticket booking system

  • Faster buying and selling
  • No need physical ticket counter
  • Maintain business with less resources
  • 24 x 7 buying and selling
  • Easy to access and save time.
  • Updated values about ticket sold process.
  • Increase the ticket selling.
  • Plan events without clashing


We have come to the conclusion of this post. From this post I have brought you details about an online ticket booking system. I hope this post will help you. If you like this post please give us a comment. You can find the comment box below. We will meet with another interesting topic. Till then goodbye all.

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