SDLC – Phases of SDLC and Overview
What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC – Phases of SDLC and Overview

Hello guys! Today we are going to talk about SDLC – Phases of SDLC and Overview. SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. As humans we also have a life cycle. In our life cycles we go through different stages. We have different changes to ourselves through that life cycle. We grow, we can do more activities are some of them. Same thing happen in SDLC, In that is also having the stages that software went through. During those stages also software evolve as us. We also met different people in our life which are expertise about different areas. They add things to our life. Like that in SDLC also different phases handle by different expert people. They do changes to the software. There are five stages in SDLC.

Post Outline

  • SDLC phases with examples
  • Roles associated with SDLC
  • Advantages of SDLC
  • What are the 5 stages of SDLC
  • Conclusion

SDLC Phases with Examples

The below mention phases are consider as SDLC five phases. In the bottom of this post we will discuss further about these pages. We have written detailed article about each and every phase. The link is mentioned under each phase. You can click the link and visit detail phase descriptions as well if you needed more information.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Testing

Roles associated with SDLC phases

  1. Requirement Analysis – Business Analysis (BA)
  2. Design – UI/UX Designers
  3. Development – Developers/ Software Engineers
  4. Maintenance – IT support staff
  5. Testing – Quality Assurance (QA)

Now we will discuss further about SDLC. In software Development SDLC help to develop software. It is a development plan which has stages that helps to develop software.

Advantages of SDLC?

SDLC is a software methodology we use in software engineering world frequently. Anyway SDLC is not the only methodology available for the software engineering. There are many other things like Agile, Devops. People still mostly chose SDLC. So for that there must be a reason to chose it over others. Now let’s see what can be those reasons to chose SDLC.

  • High quality system
  • high Customer expectations
  • Reaches completion within time
  • Cost evaluation



What are the 5 stages of SDLC

SDLC Five Phases

Requirement Analysis

This is the first phase of SDLC. Business Analyst gathers requirements for the system. During this phase all the requirements will be gathered. Functional requirements and non- functional requirements will be collected. Requirements are the needs of the customer, that customer want to get done through the system. This phase starts with feasibility study then move to requirement gathering and analysis. Before analysis requirements has to be gathered. Requirement gathering techniques are using to gather requirements. After requirement gathering finished, requirements will be evaluated, analyzed and documented. Business Analysis involve with this phase. UML designing, wireframes drawing, SRS creation done in this phase.

Software requirement document which known as SRS will create at the end of this phase. Client will sign that document and both client and company is agree to develop the software to satisfy those requirements only. If client needs more features they will consider as a change request. It may be chargeable or not. It depend on the company heads and the development effort. There are many sub activities comes under requirement gathering and analysis phase. If you want to know about detail understanding about this phase I would suggest you to go through this post. Requirement Analysis more..

Design Phase

After the requirement gathering phase design phase initiated. In this phase system will be designed. Interfaces, Architecture will be designed. Software designers will involve with this phase. Software designing plays a vital role in software engineering than you think. Entire system will depends on the design. Designing phase is having more details to discuss. When designing the system firstly we have to think about the architecture. There are many design patterns available. There are so many anti- patterns as well. So many architectural models also available in now a days. If you are interested in learning those areas please go through this article as well. The link is here. Design phase more..

Development phase

Different programming languages will be used in this phase in order to develop the software. This is the longer phase of SDLC. Software developers involve with this phase. During this phase some developers done development testing also before it handed over to the QA department. There are many coding standards and methods to follow while coding. Clean code is very much important in software industry. If you want to learn about development phase please go through this phase as well. Development phase more..

Maintenance phase

This phase starts after the system handed over to the customer. System may can have problems these problems will solve in this phase. System maintenance is also very important. Because after the software hand over to the customer the performances issues needs to be monitors. There are several types of maintenance methods are available. If you want to know about them please read this article. Maintenance phase more..

Testing phase

In this phase system will be tested. System testers will involve in this phase. This phase take place after the system has developed and before delivered to the customer. There are several testing types available in the software industry. Several techniques, methods followed in testing. If you want to know many details about how testing is happening and testing types please read this article. Testing phase more..


Today we have looked at basically what is SDLC, what are the SDLC phases, People associated with SDLC. Software engineering is a famous topic to talk about under software engineering theories. I hope we discuss many things about SDLC. So now I am going to conclude this post. Hope you understood the concepts well. If you seem like many things can added to this post about SDLC please mentioned them in the comment box. There are so many software engineering concepts which we have describe please go through them if you are interested. If you like this post please share and comment it. We will meet again with another interesting post. Goodbye all!

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