Software Engineering Coding Interview Questions

Software Engineering Coding Interview Questions

Hello friends! How are you doing? Today also I brought you another interesting article. Earlier we discuss about software engineering technical interview questions. We all have to go through an interview for a job. We have to pass from the interview to get the job. In software engineering we have to face two interviews. One is the HR interview and another one technical interview. Today we are going to discuss some software engineering coding interview questions.

In an interview the interviewee will give you a task and you have to do it. In most cases the task will be to write the code for a simple function or algorithm to perform a task. They can be like to reverse a string, find maximum of an array, swap vowels in a string so on. It is good you try and practice those codes prior to the interview. Then you can face it with confidence and you can write an executable code. Please note that these example codes are written in PHP. You can change the code according to the language you prefer. The logics in the code are remain same and the writing pattern will change language to language.

How to find the maximum value in an array?

What is the code to reverse a string?

Write a code to find the second highest value in an array?

Find the number of occurrence in a string

Write the code for a Fibonacci series

Calculate number of vowels in a string

Swap numbers with two variables

How to check a number is a prime or not

Write a code to check string is anagram or not


I hope you have gain many advantages from this post. We wish you all the very best for your interviews. If you interested please read this Software Engineering Interview Questions post. If you like this post please don’t forget to comment and share.

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