Software Engineering Interview Questions

Software Engineering Interview Questions

Hello dear friends! Today i have brought you whole new experience. So far inside our blog we only provide information related to learning process. Now I have thought to give little bit professional training as well. Therefore today I have brought you set of software engineering interview questions. I think limiting our website for only students is not good. Therefore I took this decision.

Interview is a turning point and important phase we go through in our lives. Get ready for the interview and pass it is a challenge and competitive in these days. So today we are going to look at few interview questions for software engineer post. I hope this will help you to prepare well for your interview.

What you have to keep remember is in an interview, mostly in a technical interview they will ask about technical questions from you. That means they will ask theories which you have learned at lectures. Let’s walk through questions. All the very best for all of you.

What are data structures?

Data structures are a data storing type. It is an advance one. Trees, Graphs, Linked lists are examples for that.

What is an array?

Array is a data structure. It store data in a data locations in continuous locations.

What is the two parts of memory?

Stack and heap is the two parts of the memory. Also referred as static memory and dynamic memory.

Where does local variables will stored?

Local variables are stored in the stack area of the RAM.

Where does objects will stored?

Objects will stored in the heap.

What are three variable types in Java?

Local variables, Instance variable, static variables.

What are local variables?

Variables which declared inside the methods, constructors or code blocks. When program control enter the code block or method those variables will be created and destroyed when it leaves the code block or method.

What are instance variables?

The variables created outside the blocks. These variables create at the class object creation movement and when object destroys the variables also get destroyed.

What are static variables?

These variables created with static keyword. These variables created at the starting of the program and will end with end of the program.

What is the advantage of static variables?

Constant can be created without taking an additional memory. They can access without initiating the objects.

What is fast java or c++?

Answer is java

Why do you say c++ is fast?

Because java uses a java virtual machine to run java. It slows the process.

Can java application run on any machine?


How do you say so?

Because java creates a virtual machine to run. Java is platform independence.

What is platform independence?

The software applications does not depend on the operating system. In any operating system software will run.

What are the oop concepts

Inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction

What is inheritance?

What is polymorphism?

What is encapsulation?

what is abstraction?

What is overloading?

What is overriding?

Give a real world example for inheritance

What is a memory leak?

What is the difference of stack and queue?

What are circular linked list?

What is an API?

What is REST?

What is POST?

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