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This refers the terms and conditions when using myexamnote.com website. Throughout in the website the terms “we”, “us”, “I” refers myexamnote.

Conditions of Use

By using this website you adhere that you have read our terms and conditions carefully prior to use this website. If you do not wish to accept our terms and conditions, you are advised to leave the website accordingly.

Intellectual property

All the website contents trade secrets, trade marks  are owned by myexamnote and you are agreed you will not reproduce or redistribute the contents in the  contents provided in the website in anyway.

Fair use

Myexamnote is an educational website which provides free Information Technology contents . Hence for students, teachers and lectures can use contents available in the website for education purpose only.  You are not allowed to modified the contents in any way and when using you can use it by giving us credit or citation. You can’t use use the website contents for commercial or profitable purpose.

Privacy Policy

If you wish to know about our privacy policy to know how we protect your privacy please read our privacy policy.  Privacy policy of myexamnote.

User Accounts

We do not provide the service for users to create user accounts. All the contents in the website can access without creating any user accounts.


Contents which available in the website is free. Therefore we do not accept any payments to read contents available on the website.

Limitation of liability

myexamnote is not liable for any damages that may occur to you as a result of misusing our website or website contents.  Myexamnote has the right to edit, modify or change this agreement at any time therefore please read our most recently updated terms and conditions.

Accuracy and completeness of information

Information Technology is a field that goes on rapid updates day to day.  Therefore you should not relied upon on the information provided in the website. We provide general information in this website.  Myexamnote always try to give more timely information to you yet it can holds historical information. We have the right to edit, modify or change the information in our website. Yet we are ready to update the  information in our website. Therefore if you find errors in our contents don’t hesitate to contact us and inform it. You can contact us via our contact us page.