What is Open Unified Process

What is Open Unified Process

Hello my dear friends. It’s been while I didn’t wrote any blog posts. Today I thought to start writing and give you some information regarding new IT topics. I hope to write many new topics now. Today I hope to bring you details about Open Unified Process which is commonly known as OpenUP. So let’s see what is Open Unified Process.

Open Unified Process or OpenUp is a software process. Hope you already know what is software methodology and software process. Software process and methodology is not the same thing. It is two different concepts. If you seems both are same it’s not. let’s get clarified. Methodology is set of rules, tools to execute a task.Process means series of an action. A methodology describes way we do things. A process describes how we do things. Inside a methodology we can find the processes. So Now let’s turn back to what is open unified process.

Open Unified Process is a refinement of Unified Process. The first model came was UP and OpenUP and RUP are other variants of UP. OpenUP is an agile inspired process with it’s roots in the UP. Open Unified Process is an iterative software development process that is minimal, complete and extensible. It is a lightweight process. OpenUp supports iterative, agile and incremental development. Now let’s see the characteristics of both RUP and OpenUp.

Characteristics of OpenUp

  • Iterative development
  • Use cases and scenarios driven development
  • Risk management
  • Architecture centric approach

Now we know some details about OpenUP. Then after that we will see the OpenUp philosophy. This means we use OpenUp and a model to think how we do things in the software development. This philosophy addresses the areas we have to concern while following the process.

Philosophy of OpenUp

  • Should know the project goal
  • Simplicity
  • Agility
  • Tool independence
  • Tailor to meet your own needs
  • Collaborative development

So far, we have discussed about OpenUP philosophy, characteristic and few details about OpenUP. Now we will see about core principles of OpenUP.

OpenUP core principles

  • Collaborate to align interests and share understanding
  • Balance competing priorities to maximize stakeholder value
  • Focus on the architecture early to minimize risks and organize development
  • Evolve to continuously obtain feedback and improve

The OpenUP has a close relationship with agile practices. So OpenUP has the characteristics of agile. Now we will see some agile practices in the OpenUP.

Agile practices in the OpenUP

  • Test-first design
  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile Estimation
  • Daily standup, Iteration assessment, Iteration retrospective
  • Self-organizing teams
  • OpenUP/Basic key principles
  • Collaborate to align interests and share understanding
  • Evolve to continuously obtain feedback and improve
  • Balance competing priorities to maximize stakeholder value
  • Balance competing priorities to maximize stakeholder value

Governance model in OpenUp

So we are going to discuss now about governance model in OpenUP. This model incorporate to plan, execute and monitor progress. This model has three layers. They are micro increments, iteration life cycle, project life cycle. Now let’s see one by one what are they.

The project lifecycle in OpenUp has four phases. They are inception, elaboration, construction and transition. In simply inception phase to understand problem, elaboration phase to validate the solution, construction phase is to build and verify the solution increments, transition to transit the solution in the operational environment and validate the solution.

OpenUp iteration lifecycle is describe about the increments happen in the project life cycle. End of each iteration a verified build of the system increment is available. Each iteration has its own life cycle.

Small steps towards the goals of the iteration are known as micro-increments. They needs to be small enough to be complete in a day or two. Micro increments are defined and tracked via the work item list.

OpenUP Project life cycle

Then we are going to look at OpenUp disciplines. A discipline is a collection of tasks that are related to a major area of concern within the overall project.

OpenUp Deciplines

  • Architecture
  • Configuration and change management
  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Requirements
  • Test


Now I am going to conclude this discussion about OpenUp. Hope you have gain more information regarding OpenUp. I am hoping to write more software engineering posts like this. If you have any comments related to this topic or questions please add them. Please share and keep reading us for more information. Goodbye!

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